United Nations Water Commitment

por | mar 17, 2023

Water Action Agenda Commitment

UN 2023 Water Conference

Water is fundamental to all aspects of life. 
Representatives from across the globe will gather in March for the UN 2023 Water Conference convened by the UN General Assembly in New York. A main outcome of this conference is the Water Action Agenda. The agenda encourages stakeholders across all sectors, industries and interests to unify and to make their voluntary commitments to address the global water challenges.

The tri-national Ducks Unlimited Conservation Family of Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), Ducks Unlimited Inc. (DUI) and Ducks Unlimited Mexico (DUMAC) will attend the conference to advocate for the impact wetlands play on water quality and quantity. The three organizations will make the following Water Action Agenda commitment:

Our commitment:

The Ducks Unlimited (DU) Conservation Family takes a transboundary and international approach to water cooperation by delivering wetland conservation projects with water positive outcomes across North American. Together, DU commits to conserving, enhancing and influencing over 80 million acres of wetlands and uplands during the next five years, with DUMAC committing to conserving 55,000 acres and positively influencing 350,000 acres, DUI committing to conserving 400,000 acres and enhancing 600,000 acres per year, and DUC committing to conserving over 500,000 acres of habitat and influencing over 50 million acres. To reach our goals, DU will leverage more than 85 years of expertise in planning, science, education, conservation, and policy. DU recognizes that we could not achieve these goals and objectives without the support of our partners across industry, academia, Indigenous groups, NGOs, national and sub-national governments. Together, we will accelerate progress towards the sustainable management of water.

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