Major Donors

Generosidad incomparable…

Una pasión profunda y constante por hacer del mundo un lugar mejor para las aves acuáticas, la vida silvestre y las personas, inspira a estos hombres y mujeres cuyos compromisos aportan millones de dólares anualmente a la conservación de los humedales, en México y en todo el continente.

Nos complace reconocer a los siguientes Patrocinadores Principales que han comprometido al menos $ 2,000 USD a Ducks Unlimited de México (hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2019), con un agradecimiento especial a aquellos que hacen una donación en el año calendario 2019.

Major Donors en E.U.A. y Canadá


Axalta Coating Systems



Dr. Edward D. and Sally M. Futch

Charitable Foundation


Irene W. and C.B. Pennington


Lisa J. Scheller, Silberline

Manufacturing Co.


Shell Exploration & Production Company


Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund, Inc.

Jim* and Bella Brannan‡

Livia and George H. Dunklin, Jr.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Rich and Joyce Johnson‡

Materias Primas Monterrey de R.L. de C.V.

Nicholas and Marla Moss

Bob and Kim Spoerl‡

John and Judy Tomke‡


Sandi and Paul Bonderson, Jr. ‡

Matt and Debbie Doyle

Douglas* and Carol Federighi‡



Bill and Libbie Ansell‡

Bill and Sarah D’Alonzo

Mary Margaret Hamilton‡

Luke and Sonja Laborde‡


Mikkel R. Anderson and

Peggy Sundstrom

Ron and Jackie* Bartels‡

Steve and Kathy Christian‡

Shawn de Cento‡

Douglas and Allison Frey‡

J.B. and Kelly Kolodzey

Roseada and Dr. L. J. Mayeux, Jr.‡

Mickey and Gilda McMillin‡

John and Geni Newman‡

John M. Robbins, Jr.

Gary and Debbie Salmon‡

Timothy and Charlotte Travis

Don Weempe

Michael and Bonnie Woodward‡


Pete and Marilyn Coors

Karl David Duex

Tom and Ora Enos‡

Jack and Katherine Hole‡

Patti and Dr. Ronal F. Roberson‡

John and Grace Steuri‡


Clif and Liz Alexander

Ron and Jill Anway‡

Duane and Annamaria Arnister

Amy Batson

Rick L. Campbell

Paul and Sherry Eishen‡

H. J. “Beto” Elizondo‡

Johnny and Kim Frederick‡

Dale and Sarah Hall

Bobbi and Jerry Harris

Dennis P. Havey and Joyce Graves

Jeff Heidelbauer and Rebecca J. McGee

Camille and Rogers Hoyt, Jr.‡

Junior and Bonnie Kerns

Jim and Sue Konkel‡

Susan Konkel‡

Peter and Joan Levinson

Monty Lewis‡

Steve and Jeanne Maritz

Barry A. Morrison

Michael and Kay Ptaschinski

Gilbert and Judy Shelton

Sam and Stephanie Smolik

Kathy Stelly and L. Paul Henry, Jr.‡

Joey and Jena Stough

Jim and Deanne Talbert‡

Jack and Betsy Witt


Marolyn and Colonel Robert L.

“Bobby Lee” Acomb III

Bill Aldinger, Jr.‡

Mike and Joan Benge‡

Grant R. Brees, DVM‡

Bruce and Sandy Deadman‡

Larry Lundberg‡

Julian and Haley Ottley

Jay B. Owen‡

Jim and Jean Prough‡

Jim and Cin Riley‡

Robert and Georgiana Riley

Ron and Christen Sanders

Bob and Rita Sundberg‡

Gordon and Loree Winstanley


In Memory of Ray B. Baldwin, Jr.*

Meryl and Mel Belich QC‡

Bryan and Wanda Benoit‡

Robert and Rosemary Berg‡

Steve Boothe

Gus and Jean Brown‡

Tab and Debbie Casper

Jeff and Janet Churan‡

Robert N. Corrigan, Jr.‡

Eric and Wendi Demers

Betty and E.J. Deubler III‡

C. Neil and Marilyn Downey‡

Scott and Melissa Eisenhauer

Mike and Phyllis Farson

B. Hunt and Mary Scott Gunter

Pat Hall Petlow

Harley and Linda Hansen‡

Richard* and Sarah Harrison‡

Martha and Robert Hester, Jr.‡

John and Theresa Hruby‡

Steve Hubacher

Jim Hulbert‡

Stanley and Jane Huner‡

Megan Kehoe‡

Tammi and Dr. Edward Kircher

Jim and Julie* Klapmeier‡

Russ and Deanna Klint‡

Richard Kowallik‡

Rusty and Patricia Legg‡

Nicholas and Courtney Lichenstein

Omer W. Long

Steve Marasovich‡

Robert* and Debbie Middleton

Greg Nelson

Joey Nicosia

Tommy O’Connor III‡

James and Patti Pike‡

John and Jane Pope‡

George and Wendy Reifel‡

Ron and Fran Rich

J. Oran and Joan Richard‡

Jeffrey C. Robertson

Sharon and Eric Rose

Paul and Diane Schmidt‡

Doug and Linda Schoenrock

Michael and Minnie Simmang‡

Richard B. and Donna M. Smith

Jim R. Sowers and Francine D. Merenghi‡

Joe and Jane Sufczynski

J. E. “Yazoo” Thomas‡

Martin and Inez Tunon‡

John and Becky Warren‡

Billy R. and Barbara L. Willsey‡

Jim and Cindy Wolfe

Charles H. Wright‡

* = Deceased ‡ = John E. Walker III Society Charter Member Bold = 2019 Gift


Kurt and Kathryn Adams

David and Lindsay Adamson

Don R. Ainsworth‡

Matthew G. Anderson III

James G. Arrington

Patrick and Ann Arthur‡

Stephen and Jessie Babcock

Eric and Sharon Beier

Ray and Tammy Belk‡

Dorothy L. Benge‡

Richard and Pamela Berg

Bradley and Amy Billingsley‡

Paul and Jakki Boehne

Glynn and Alisa Bourg

James H. Boyer

Forrest “Woody” Brehm‡

Steven and Holly Bridwell

Jared and Mary Ellen Brown‡

John and Joan Calder

Mark and Carolyn Callais

Mike and Robbi Carey

Ken and Kristin Carroll

Randy and Alice Chandler‡

Tommy and Kim Chilcutt‡

Don and De Lou Corbitt

James and Charlene Couch

William T. Couch

Beverley L. and Susan B. Crump

Eileen and John Cushman II

Derrick and Meagan Davis

William E. Dean

Daniel DeLawyer

Frank and Jennifer Dominguez‡

Keith and Terri Dosch‡

E. Corey Dufreche‡

Mac and Susan Dunfield

J. Michael and Carolyn L. Dvorak

Doug M. Eberhardt II‡

William and Deb Ebert

John Erion and Kathryn Miller

Bob and Kathy Filbert‡

Donald J. Galligan‡

Erica M. Gartee‡

Henry and Leta Gaulden

John and Susan Gherardi

Tim and Lisa Giles

Robert and Amy Gokey‡

Tricia and Jim Grant

Scott D. Grant

Ellis and Lettie Guilbeau

Grady C. Hartzog‡

Charles and Patty Heaps

Damron and Dana Henson‡

Claude and Nancy Heuring

Chris and Malia Hildebrandt


Allan and Carla Hopp

Ted and Cecelia Hoyt‡

Richard Hudson

Scott and Sandy Jahnke

Craig Janek and Meg Walker

Mike and Vickie Jeansonne‡

Tom Johnson‡

Douglas and Jennifer Jones‡

Debra and Mack Karnes, M.D.

Kasey and Donna Kase

David Koch

Gavin and Pat Koyl‡

Alejandro Garza Laguera

Michael and Suzanne Lamberth

Woody and Gretchen Lovelace

Chad and Jana Manlove

Andrew D. Marek‡

Mike and Frances May‡

Joseph G. Mazon and Lisa D. Happy‡

Kathleen and Byron McCollum‡

James McHattie‡

James B. McLain‡

John and Joanne Messer‡

Bob Mims‡

Johnnie R. Moore, Sr.‡

Morgan S. Nalty

Allan and Nancy Neighbors‡

Marc and Sherrie Pierce‡

John and Donna Pittenger‡

Tex and Boo Plumley‡

F. Bruce and Janis Posey‡

Jeffrey and Edwena Potter‡

Paul* and Jeanne Ralstin

Frederic A. Reid‡

Cody Roberts‡

Clay M. Rogers‡

Danny and Sherry Ross

Cathy and Tom Sanders

Tim and Suzanne Sanders

Bradford B. Sauer

Kris and Dan Schulz

Rex and Lori Schulz‡

Raymond and Susan Scoggins‡

Chris and Annie Sharp‡

Michael and Ruth Ellen Simpson‡

George and Edith Stokes

Sean and Kathleen Stone

Kent Stout

Don Switzenberg

Jay and Robin Taylor

Fred and Nora Taylor‡

Kyle and Donna Thaemlitz

Ann Felice and Dan Thiel‡

Don Adriana Trevino

Joseph and Lora Trujill

J. T. “Skip” Tubbs and Sally Roch-Tubbs

W. Scott and Mary Turner

Roger and Debbie  Vincent

Susan and Dr. James Walton III‡

Wendell Weakley

Joe and Janine Williams

Mike and Amy Wilson‡

Keri and Rob Wilson, Jr.‡

Scott and Dianne Yaich

Ed and Jane Zimmer

* = Deceased ‡ = John E. Walker III Society Charter Member Bold = 2019 Gift


Don Aarstad

Laura and Dr. Stephen Adair

Sergio and Jill Alcazar

Robert and Teresa Alexander

Barry and Robin Allen

Jack and Amber Allen

Bobby and Sheila Allison

Marshal and Diana Anderson

Ricky D. and Lisa Atchison

J. O. “Jim” Bailey

Catherine and Thomas Bailey, Sr.

Thomas L. Bailey, Jr.

Greg Baker

Fred S. Balch, Jr.

Thomas C. and Susan W. Ballew

Clifford and Linda  Bampton

Richard W. and Theresa R. Barch


Kit and Linda Barker

Thomas Barz

Hugh and Lena Bateman

Bruce and Liz Batt

Michael D. Baudhuin

Michael R. Bauer

Todd and Tracey Bauer

Glen A. Bean

Ted Beaullieu, Jr.

Darrell and Danielle Beck

Richard W. Becker

In Memory Of Henry D. Beech

Amanda C. and Aaron Beeson

Captain and Mrs. Ray Bellant, USN Ret

Tom and Zandy Benefield

Bentzer Inc.

Marvin Betz

Carey Birmingham

Lauren and Leslie Bivins

Jeffrey and Julie Blackmore

Gary and Johanna Blair

James T. Blair IV

Charles T. Blaisdell, Ph.D. and

Roseann Harkins

Rebecca and Joseph Boles, Jr.

Betsy Bolfing

Sue and Rob Bolin, Jr.

Boysie and Joy Bollinger

Mike and Sara Borders

John and Alisa Borel

Andy and Amanda Boswell

Donovan and Diane Boudreaux

Mitchell and Lindsey Bourg

Timothy D. Boutell

William and Erin Bouthillier

Ryan J. Boyd

David and Jeanne Brakhage

Dean and Erika Braune

Tom and Robin Brimhall

Jerry Brocato

Paul Brody

P.D. “Pat” Brooks III

Mike and Sandy Brown

Ralph W. Brown

Steve and Leslie Brown

Zac and Genny Brown

Dane C. Bruun

Amy and Bucky Bryant

Lance Buhrman

Micheal and Natasha Bulk

Matt and Lara Bunn

Danel and Dr. Doug Burch

Bartlett Burnap

Michael B. Burton

Bob and Evelyn Butler

Robert T. Butterworth

Ed L. Buttweiler

Lloyd H. Cage

Jim and Marcy Calaway

Vince and Trish Callahan

Adam Callais

Camoil, Inc.

Louis A. Caputo,  Jr.

Martin and Laurie Carollo

Chester Lee Carroll

Steve and Rebecca Cartwright

Dan and Claudia Caudle

Kurt and Renee Cazayoux

James and Ann Cerza

Steven E. Chancellor

Joseph and Kathleen Chas

George J. Chastain

Marissa C. Chavez

JohnRoss and Kellie Christenberry

Jerry V. Christensen

Scott V. and Michelle Christensen

Stefanie Christian

Jason and Sandy Christiansen

Barbara and Rick* Church

Kay Church

Peter T. Clarke

Michael Colangelo

Randall Cole and Katie Ward

William Colvin

Shea and Dylan Combs

John Stafford Comegys

Tim and Julie Conaway

Daniel Patrick and Susan Connelly

John T. Cook III

Kenneth R Cook, M.D.

Steve and Alison Cook

Michael and Heidi Coryell

Matt and Ronda Costello

Dale A. Courtney

Anne and James Craig, Jr.

James and Roberta Cropsey

Thomas M. Crosslin

Scott and Jerry Cunningham

Stephen L. Cunningham and

Becky L. Dresel

Cory Davidson

Kirk W. and Rebecca S. Davidson

Laurie and Larry Davis

Wayne and Kitty  Davis

Adam and Rebecca DeHaan

Billy and Candice DeJournett

P. J. Demarie III and Theresa Demarie

Raymond E. Dender

Denny and Midge Denham

Stephen G. and Susan E.* Denkers

Bob and Christy Dew

Brian and Jenny Diedrich

George C. Dieter

F. Steven DiMasi

Greg Dinkel

Jim and Deobrah Dodd

Lavonne and Robert Downing*

Troy A. Dubois

John and Diane Dudley

Mrs. J. Thomas Dulaney

Dan L. Dunson

E. Bradford duPont, Jr.

Ken and Bonnie Durdahl

Greg J. Dzieweczynski

John Eagle

Dean F. Echols, M.D.

Ginny and Dr. Dale Eckert

Frank Edwards

Randall and Jan Edwards

John P. Egger

Robert and Jane Ehrlich

Tiffany Eishen

Etsell Otto Emde, Jr.

Gene* and Fayline Engrav

T.J. and Nancy Erdman

Derek and Lisa Exum

Jason R. Fairchild

John Faires, Jr.

Nate and Whitney Farley

Tom Farris

Jim and Betty Sue Faulk

Jay C. Feil

Bill E. and Coni Felinski

Matt and Pam Fenoff

Fergus Falls Lifers

Harley Doug Ferguson

Sharon and John Fick III

Jonathan R Fields

Ronald and Vicki Filipchuk

John and Lori Finch

Paul and Christie Fincher

Robert Fink and Kristina Bergsma

Randy* and Janet Fischer

Leonard Flahiff

Dave and Shari Flink

Kevin Flynn

Scott and Candie Forrest

Candace Franke

George C. Freeman III

Kelly A. Gang

Ronald E. Gareis Charitable Fund

Debra and Robert Garrity, Jr.

Allen and Debbie Geisen

Vilas and Mary Gentes

Russell and Roma Gettleman

Dr. Rodney Gigstad and Dr. Carol Hagen

Jeremy and Janelle Gilbertson

Ryan and Deborah Gill

David A. Gingras

Richard and Paige Godfrey

Stefan and Jean Golicz

Albert and Roberta Gong

Raymond J. Goodrich II

Russ and Amy Grasman

Edward A. Grassi

Lewis and Susan Graves

Gene and Rosalie Grazzini

George G. Green

John C. and Terry J. Green

Robert Green

Tom and Julie Greiner‡

Earl and Mary Grochau

Betsy L. Grubbs

Greg A. Grubbs

Denton Guthrie

Karla Guyn

Marshall and Gwen Haferkamp

Steve and Sharon Hall

Mark and Jessica Hamby

William and Cyanne Hamill

Robert and Holly Hamilton

Jake R. and Jennifer Hansen

Dana and Adrianne Hanusik

Zachary D. Hardy

Sharon Harlowe

Tony and Beth Harrington

John and Ronda Harris

Kevin and Marilyn Harris

Carter Harrison

Mrs. J. P. Harrison

W. Byrd Harrison

Zach and Natalie Hartman

Brent and Kendra Hasenauer

Rob and Deb Hastings

Robert Hathaway

Russell A. Hays

Larry and Kay Hebert

Matt and Lana Hefton

Todd M. Heidelbauer

Harlan and Gerry Heitkamp

Bradley and Rebecca Hempkins

Brett and Brandi Henderson

Gene and Betty Henry

Joe and Janice Herrod

Scott and Christine Hettermann

Chip and Candice Hines

Fred and Sherri Lynn Hingst

Ruth A. Hoefs

Michael and Barbara Hoeft

Tim and Ann Hofius

Bill and Kelly Hogan

David and Elizabeth  Hohlfeldt

Jerry Holden and Cynthia Edwards

Dr. George F. Holitik*

George and Susan Horton

Mike and Carol Hough

Dave and Jackie Howerter

Mark S.  Huffman,  M.D.

James and Christie Hunt

Charles S. Hunter III

Ronald O. Hurlbert

Jeff and Jean Hutcheson

Leland and Pam Hutchins

Shawn and Michaela Hystad

Addison E. Igleheart

Ray Ilg, Jr.

Lisa and John Irby

Arthur and Sandra Irving

J. Howard Isaacs

Garth Jackson

Guy R. Jackson

Peter and JoAnne* Jackson

Raymond E. Jackson

Jay Jacobus

Jim and Maryann Jankowski

Anthony and Valerie  Jansa

Ken and Cheryl Jansa

Mack H. Jenkins

Mark and Linda Jenzen

Eric and Christie Johnson

Galen and Marsha Johnson

Howard M. Johnson

Scott Johnson and Alysia Belangie

Sylvia and William R. Johnson, Jr.

Bob and Marie Johnston

Dwight and Kellie Jones

H. Reid Jones, Sr.*

Les and Lynne Jones

Margaret and Thomas Jones, Jr.

Mark and Kristin Jousan

Ed and Jill Jukes

Donald W. Kaatz

Donald Kallenberger

Matt, Molly, and Madison Kaminski

Richard and Loretta Kaminski

Pat and Megan Kehoe

Jordan P. Keller

Donald E. Kelly

Hylee and Mary Kay Kemp

Dick and Pattie Kempka

Jarrod and Amy Kersey

Chris and Kacee Khoury


Henry and Amanda Kidd

James and Terri  King

Judith and Henry Kirby III

Ron Kistler

Brian and Angela Klassen

Scott and Cheryl Kline

Paul L. and Susan C. Knick

Bryan R. Knight

Lon and Bonnie Knoedler

George H. Koenig

Shawn Kooyman

Terry D. Kostinec

Christopher and Korrinne Krawczyk

Jonathan Kronsberg

Herbert G. Krueger

Layne and Mari Krumwiede

Jon and Colleen Kruse

David and Jacquie Kuritzky

Jarrett and Ashley Lafferty

John Land

John C. Larkin

John and Patti Larson

Scott and Susan Lassila

Donnie and Linda* Lassiter

Trenton V. Lassiter

Dominic and Sara Lawrence

Robert N. Leach, D.D.S.

David Charles LeBato

Dawan Lee

Larry E. Leese

Jim Leitzke

Frank and Rose  Lemcke

Craig and Andrea LeSchack

Bryan Leverick

Charles and Casey Lichenstein

Byron Liles and Robin Walker

Bob and Kelsea Locke

Kurt and Barb Lowdermilk

Caden M. Lowe

Callum Scott Lowe

Lindsey and Peter Lowe

Michael L. Luecht

William W. Lynch III

John O. Lytle, M.D.

Bruce D. Macdonald

Peter and Linda MacGaffin

Dick and Frances Magie

Ray W. Maher

Nancy Malech

Wendell and Aimee Malmberg

Jim and Carol Mason

Keith Masserant

Bobby Massey

Brian and Melissa Mattison

Don and  Tamala  Maude

Ed and Chris May

Robert E. and Martha M. May

Dale* and Nancy Mayfield

Colton and Julie McCarty

Greg and Michelle McCoy

Tate and Eileen McCoy

Linda* and Thomas McCrackin III


Karen L. McKee

Mark Christian McKee

Jason and Kassi McKey

Sue and Hal McMillin

Pat and Nita McMullen

Michael and Gigi McShane

Shannon and Kim Meadors

Joel and Cheryl Meeteer

Gregory and Marsha Meissner

Laine and Amy Meyer

Ben Meyer

Russ Meyer

Richard and Jeanne Micka

Darin and Michelle Miller

Hank and Gayle Miller

Marvin and Juanita Miller

Deborah and Winfield Mitchell, Jr.

Kyle and Nicole Momsen

Chad and Blaine Moncrief

Linda Monforton

Christopher and Christa Montgomery

Hugh C. Montgomery III

JTM Acoustic & Drywall, Inc.

Dr. Thomas E. and

 Anne Marie Moorman

Jim Moreland

Lee J. Morgan

Linda L. Morgan

Mike and Wanda Morrison

William K. Mortlock

Jack G. Moss

Jordan D. Moss

Alex Mozingo

Joe Murphy

Richard S. Murphy, Jr.

Troy and Christi Myers

Dave M. Neal

Neal James Nelson

Jodi and David Nett

Drs. Bruce and Julie Newcomb

Sean and Kandace Nichols

David and Amy Nicholson

Nicollet Conservation Club

Mike and Bonnie Nilsen

David and Jacque Noble

Brian and Tobi Noll

Marty and Christi Nothstein

Tracy and Marsha Oberleiter

Kevin and Patti O’Connell

David and Sunnie Ohl

Willard Paul and Kathy J. Oleson

Jill and Bob Olsen Chuck O’Neal

Larry and Marg O’Neil

Noel Orsak

C.L. “Butch” Otter

Peter and Alexandra Ottesen

Don and Laura Ouellette

Gerald J. Palmer, Sr.

Jim Pardini

Donald and Christina Parisotto

Joey Parisotto

Connie S. Parker

James E. Partee, Jr.

Scott A. Paterson

John D. Patterson

Matthew and Laura Patterson

Michael and Patricia Patterson

Patrick and Emily Patterson

Howard A. and Sheryl Paul

Eric and Leigh Pearson

Sam C. Pearson III

Brian and Karen Pellish

Jon and Jennifer Peters

Chris and Nickie Phinney

James P. and Doreen Pienkowski

Bridger and Lauren Pierce

Robert J. and Susan L. Piesko

Becky and Anthony Piper, Jr.

Bill Plemons

Clint and Manchi Pollard

Scott and Kelly Pond

Rodney M. Poole

Brian and Ester Popoff

Jason and Amy Porter

Troy and Carrol Portie

Donald and Connie Posner

Joan Poston

Cookie and T.R.* Potter, Jr.

Austin and Tanya Prather

Mary Lou and Dr. Brian K. Priddle

Bernie and Brigid Purdy


Adam and Melissa Putnam & Family

William* and Donna Pyle

Richard and Sally Qualmann

Tom and Karen Quarandillo

Mario A. Quesada

Winston and Leslie Read

Marc Reid

Allan Reishus

Jay and Penny Reynolds

Jon and Jennifer Rich

Alexis V. Richards

William and Kathleen Richie

Jack Riesselman and Patricia Neifert

Rodney L. Ringer

John and Heather Ritchey

Riviana Foods, Inc.

Dale and Jill Robbins

Dr. John M. Roberts

Wayne and Katherine Roberts

Joseph and Brandy Robinson

Keith E. and Janet H. Robinson

Kyle and Tiffany  Robinson

Eugene G. Rochette

Thomas R. Rochette

Ryan and Cassie Rodriguez

Steven and Lori Rollefson

Garland R. Rolling

Richard and Martha Ross

Ron and Pat Royer

Eric and Diane Rudgers

Todd and Amanda Russell

Robert and Cheryl Saathoff

Quinn Salmon

Dolores Sapletal

Michelle and J.J. Schermerhorn

Mrs. William J.  Schlageter

Mark and Paulette Schlegel

Steve and Kristin Schmitt
Armond Schwing

Rick and Jean Scott

Paul “Skip” and Terry Seltman

Sewell Printing Service, Inc.

Thomas and Peggy Shaffer

Matt and Katie Shahan

Virginia and E.B.* Shawver

David and Betty* Shefferly

Charles M. Shepardson

William R. Shields

Tyler Shockley

Greg and Janelle Siekaniec

E. James and Shirley Skarda

Melvin and Diane Skeeles

Devin and Brooke Skipper

Stuart Slattery and Pauline Bloom

Brian and Myriam Slingerland

Charles F. Smith, Jr.

Walker and Alex Smith

Chuck and Christy Smoley

Bob and Karen Sorenson

Joe and Annie Spell

Joshua J. Spies

Sam J. Stacy

Michael and Carolyn Stahl

Warren R. Stefanski

David and Shannon Steinbach

David Stensland

Austin M. Stephen

David Stern

Jason and Kimberly Stewart

Todd and Jeannie Stoa

Bob and Sue* Strahs Wayne A. Strand

Gary and Dorie Sturgill

Marcy Sullivan

Suzanne and Paul Sullivan

Jeffery and Lue Svendson

Kyle and Mallory Swanson

Allen R. Taylor

Don and B.J. Taylor

Evelyne C. Taylor

Rea Taylor

Bonnie and Keith Thames

Charles D. and Betty J. Thomas

Christine and Stanton Thomas

Jason K. Thomasee

Snuff Thompson

David and Lisa Thomson William C. and Pamela J. Thurman

Dennis Tilly

Tom and Pauline Tomlinson

Gildo and Jane Tori

W. G. “Bill” Townsend

Richard H. Trask

Teddy and Jamie Trenchard

Dan C. Tutcher

Hoyt and Robin Utay

Wesley and Ginger Van Conet

William A. Van Orsdel

David VandenBoom

Scott and Phyllis Veronie


Donald J. Vlcek, Jr. and Margaret Morse

Ronald H. Wakimoto

Tom and Sue Waldbuesser

Robert A. Walker, Jr.

Nathan Wall

Julius F.* and Sally Wall

Jack and Nancy Wallace

Ebe Walter

John A. Warack

Paul and Kathleen Warren

Waseca Sportsmen’s Club

Bill and Ann Waters

Capt. Henry R. Weber

Adam and Sherry Webster

Gregory Weeks

Robert Weiss

Michael and Brenda Wendlandt

Jim West

Bobby and Deanna Whitson

Bobby and Patricia Whitten

Bryan and Tiffany Wiesner

Mark D. Williams

Kim and Carol Williams

Greg and Donna Willis

Jon and Jennifer Wills

I. Robert and Katherine Wilson

E. Carlton Wilton, Jr.

Joel Winn

Dr. Joshua T. Winningham

Larry and Shelma Winningham

Kevin and Justina Winter

William C. Witting

Stuart E. Wolfe

Michael and Nancy Wood

Sharon H. Wood

Hunter Woodcock

W. John D. Woodward

Dennis and Lori Wooten

Tom and Pat Worden

John and Beverly Wornom

Steven R. Worth

Kevin W. Wright

Jim and Janine Young

Karl and Peggy Young

Byron and Lisa Zachary

Julie Zadeck

Roger and Karyl Zettl

* = Deceased ‡ = John E. Walker III Society Charter Member Bold = 2019 Gift

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