John E. Walker III Society

La Sociedad John E. Walker III rinde homenaje a nuestros partidarios más firmes: aquellos que hacen un compromiso anual de $ 1,000 dólares o más durante al menos cinco años con la misión DUMAC y la memoria de John E. Walker.

Johnny fue presidente de el Consejo de Ducks Unlimited, Inc. También fue un firme defensor de DUMAC y se desempeñó como presidente hasta su muerte en 2004. Hay pocas personas que generosamente contribuyeron más al legado de las aves acuáticas en América del Norte y menos aún quién podría ser considerado un mejor amigo.

DUMAC se complace en reconocer a las siguientes personas y organizaciones por su generoso compromiso con la Sociedad John E. Walker III

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Folleto Informativo

Miembros de la Sociedad John E. Walker III

Marolyn and Colonel Robert L.
“Bobby Lee” Acomb III
Bill Aldinger, Jr.‡
Clif and Liz Alexander
Marshal and Diana Anderson
Matthew G. Anderson III
Mikkel R. Anderson and
Peggy Sundstrom
Anonymous (2)
Bill and Libbie Ansell‡
Axalta Coating Systems
Stephen and Jessie Babcock
Thomas C. and Susan W. Ballew
Amy Batson
Darrell and Danielle Beck
Tom and Zandy Benefield
Gary and Johanna Blair
Paul and Jakki Boehne
Sandi and Paul Bonderson, Jr.‡
Steve Boothe
Jim* and Bella Brannan‡
Grant R. Brees, DVM‡
Michael B. Burton
Jim and Marcy Calaway
John and Joan Calder
Mike and Robbi Carey
Ken and Kristin Carroll
Dan and Claudia Caudle
Steve and Kathy Christian‡
Peter T. Clarke
Kenneth R Cook, M.D.
Don and De Lou Corbitt
James and Roberta Cropsey
Eileen and John Cushman II
Laurie and Larry Davis
Edward B. Davison and Cathy O. Blight
Shawn de Cento‡
Matt and Debbie Doyle
Dr. Edward D. and Sally M. Futch
Charitable Foundation
Karl David Duex
E. Bradford duPont, Jr.
J. Michael and Carolyn L. Dvorak
Etsell Otto Emde, Jr.
John Erion and Kathryn Miller
Harley Doug Ferguson
Paul and Christie Fincher

Scott and Candie Forrest
George C. Freeman III
John and Susan Gherardi
Richard and Paige Godfrey
Robert and Amy Gokey‡
Tricia and Jim Grant
Ellis and Lettie Guilbeau
B. Hunt and Mary Scott Gunter
Dale and Sarah Hall
Jake R. and Jennifer Hansen
Jeff Heidelbauer and Rebecca J. McGee
Scott and Christine Hettermann
Camille and Rogers Hoyt, Jr.‡
Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation
Jim and Maryann Jankowski
Eric and Christie Johnson
Galen and Marsha Johnson
Rich and Joyce Johnson‡
Junior and Bonnie Kerns
Chris and Kacee Khoury
Jim and Sue Konkel‡
Luke and Sonja Laborde‡
Monty Lewis‡
Woody and Gretchen Lovelace
Wendell and Aimee Malmberg
Materias Primas Monterrey
S. DE R.L. DE C.V.
Roseada and Dr. L. J. Mayeux, Jr.‡
Mickey and Gilda McMillin‡
Shannon and Kim Meadors
Gregory and Marsha Meissner
Ben Meyer
Linda Monforton
Dr. Thomas E. and Anne Marie Moorman
Linda L. Morgan
Nicholas and Marla Moss
John and Geni Newman‡
Brian and Tobi Noll
Marty and Christi Nothstein
Kevin and Patti O’Connell
Julian and Haley Ottley
Scott A. Paterson
Howard A. and Sheryl Paul
Chris and Nickie Phinney
John and Jane Pope‡
Michael and Kay Ptaschinski
Adam and Melissa Putnam and Family

Tom and Karen Quarandillo
Ron and Fran Rich
Jack Riesselman and Patricia Neifert
Patti and Dr. Ronal F. Roberson‡
Wayne and Katherine Roberts
Danny and Sherry Ross
Ron and Pat Royer
Cathy and Tom Sanders
Ron and Christen Sanders
Tim and Suzanne Sanders
Steve and Kristin Schmitt
Doug and Linda Schoenrock
Tyler Shockley
Lisa J. Scheller, Silberline Manufacturing Co.
Melvin and Diane Skeeles
Charles F. Smith, Jr.
Richard B. and Donna M. Smith
Walker and Alex Smith
Sam and Stephanie Smolik
Bob and Kim Spoerl‡
John and Grace Steuri‡
Kent Stout
Jay and Robin Taylor
Rea Taylor
Bonnie and Keith Thames
Christine and Stanton Thomas
J. E. “Yazoo” Thomas‡
Snuff Thompson
David and Lisa Thomson
John and Judy Tomke‡
Joseph and Lora Trujillo
J. T. “Skip” Tubbs and Sally Roch-Tubbs
W. Scott and Mary Turner
Ronald H. Wakimoto
Wendell Weakley
Don Weempe
Joe and Janine Williams
Billy R. and Barbara L. Willsey‡
Jack and Betsy Witt
Michael and Bonnie Woodward‡
Tom and Pat Worden
Scott and Dianne Yaich
Karl and Peggy Young

‡ Charter Members
* Deceased

*Updated to March 2020

Para obtener más información sobre la membresía en la Sociedad John E. Walker III, comuníquese con Kathy McCollum al o Ph. 901-758-3825

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